We are a dynamic accounting and financial services firm

We have been supporting small and medium businesses since 2014, offering a range of tailor-made accounting, financial, HR and legal services.

Our values

  • S L F is a leading Financial and Accounting Services group with a difference
  • We strive to understand each client’s unique position
  • We deliver high-quality personal service
  • Our staff have good financial knowledge and experience
  • We help customers reach their financial goals with integrity and passion
  • We offer specialisttax and legal advice
  • We use the latest technologyand deliver modern accounting solutions
  • S L F invests in the community

Our clients



Medium clients are mostly in manufacturing, agriculture or retail sectors. It is the type of business where shareholders are not normally involved in the day-to-day running of the business themselves, but employ management to do so.


The typical owner-managed or family-owned business – be that a farming operation, professional practice or a tourism operation.


These clients range from the young to retired – whether self-employed, working for a salary, or running a business across a wide range of industries and trades.



The agricultural activities in the geographical area in which we operate cannot be underestimated. Many of our clients have ties with farming and agricultural related operations. Most of these enterprises deliver products or services to farmers.


South Africa is well-known for its farming operations that include a variety of farming activities. We have excellent knowledge within the S L F Group to advise clients involved in farming.


The manufacturing industry will always be a key economic activity in any area. Normally they are the big job creators, many times within the unskilled labour market. Our clients vary from small owner-managed operations to big factories.

Non-profit organisations

We service many churches, schools and other non-profit organisations, normally at a special discounted rate. In many instances, our staff members are actively involved in their management and give advice to these organisations free of charge and in their private time. We see this as part of our community involvement and social responsibility programme.

Professional practices

Architects, doctors, dentists, lawyers, physiotherapists and vets varying from one-man businesses to incorporated practices are all part of our client base.


Covering a wide range of clients involved in the retail market, all varying in product and service. In the process, we also service clients with well-known brand names across the retail sector.


Tourism is growing in the areas that we serve. We are therefore focused on servicing our clients who are involved in tourism, including game lodges, guest houses, hotels, restaurants or travel agents.


More than a third of the country’s export revenue is earned through unprocessed minerals and other resources. We provide services and products to clients in the mining sector as well as those in the manufacturing sectors that relate to mining. We are proud to deliver a unique service to this sector.

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Why choose Us?

    • We are experts in our field
    • We are a firm of recognised professionals
    • We are enthusiastic and committed to our clients
    • We are a partner who cares about your business
    • We provide expert service at a competitive price

More reasons why you should choose S L F Business

We do all the stuff

Our professional consultants can tackle jobs others are too busy to handle.

We’re as good as our word

It is hard to believe but it happens – you’ve booked a consultant to do a job and then they don’t turn up, leaving you in a panic. Like every industry the consulting industry has its fair share of cowboys.

You don’t have to worry

We like to tell our clients ‘no worries’. Consulting is our business and we’ve been doing it for the past 6 years. We can handle an average of 60 – 80 corporate functions per year, sometimes back- to- back during the busy summer season. No problem, we love a tight deadline.

Impress your own clients

A sparkling clean venue will always leave a good impression on your clients. People do notice when a bin is overflowing or a floor is grubby. Trust us to shine so that your clients keep coming back year after year.

Don’t risk a disaster by using the wrong chemicals on your floors

Our experts will advise on the safest and most effective methods for all your business consulting challenges.

Life was not meant to be so complicated

We make it easy with our ‘all under one roof’ approach. We offer a lot more than basic consulting. Simple, and more cost-effective for you.

More professional not more expensive

With smaller budgets these days our clients expect maximum value from a consulting service and we deliver through quality results and the peace of mind that comes from knowing the job will be done properly. Ask us how to customize a service plan to suit your budget and circumstances.

We guarantee you’ll be happy

If you’re not 100% satisfied tell us immediately and we’ll rectify any oversight. If there’s one thing we dislike even more than dirt, that’s an unhappy client. 


Clients place a high premium on value for their money. In order to maintain a satisfied client base, we have designed a price structure that is differentiated to accommodate various levels of affordability. It is, however, our passion for hard work and commitment to excellence that make us the ideal service provider to partner with you for your next event!